Free/Libre Software News - where do you get it?

While I’m very fond and a subscriber of, are there other news/discussion sites specifically targeting free/libre software and culture?

I fondly remember Linux Gazette and even Advogato to an extent, but would like to hear what other people have moved onto.


I primarily use RSS to keep track of news. Not all of it is free software specific, but most of it is. Here are some of the feeds that I track:


News Aggregators

Misc (Blogs etc.)

Acquiring RSS Feeds

I use tt-rss to read RSS feeds. It can even send you an email every morning with a list of the latest posts all the RSS feeds that you track.

Here are some ways you can get RSS feeds - even from websites that don’t display or publish or promote them by default:

  • You can track various sub-reddits via RSS (in chronological order, no less). I think that’s natively supported on reddit.

  • You can use tools such as Granary to convert “social media feeds” into RSS (Eg. Feeds of people you might follow on Twitter or Mastodon to RSS).

  • Friendica allows you to combine all your feeds in one place - Twitter, ActivityPub, RSS and more. You then get a single place to view all of these on your own server.

I remember these… as also FreshMeat and LinuxToday (which seems to around today as well). :slight_smile:


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I follow a YouTube channel called The Linux Experiment, he posts weekly Linux/Open Source news.

Check out his Linux news playlist: