How do we improve this site?

This is our first time running a discourse forum publicly. Please feel free to tell us ways in which this site can be improved. We’ve chosen the existing defaults very carefully to protect the privacy of the members of this site and to encourage constructive, healthy and useful discussion.

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Feedback for Libre Support.

There can be a new category called “General Discussions” for discussing free/libre and open source software, hardware and topics which can not directly related to the products which you are selling.

The idea is to increase the ambit of the site. Is this site only limited to people requiring support for their products purchased from Libre Tech Shop, or is it also for people who are not buyers but are here to learn about free software and hardware, and to ask questions?

For example, if I have a question like, “which VPS provider to choose?”. I can ask this in the Self Hosting category.

But what about questions like, “which Linux distro to use?” or “should I use the term Linux or GNU/Linux, and why?”. These questions surely falls under the domain of free software, but there is currently no suitable category on this site for these type of questions.

Feedback for Libre Tech Shop.

Great website, waiting for more products. It will be great if in future there will be product videos alongside the photos.

And just an idea, why not sell some free software themed merchandise?

Thank you!

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