Mx230 laptop cannot power on after power off

I have a liberated mostly harmless x230. Everything works except one peculiar behavior - If I power off, then I cannot switch on by pressing the power switch. It seems stuck. I have to 2-3 times remove the battery, plug in AC power adapter and close the lid and open it multiple times before it turns on

I think I’ve seen this issue once before. Unplugging the RTC battery from the motherboard sorted the issue out. If you want, you can send the laptop over to me and I can debug/fix the issue for you. You can remove the disk before you send the laptop. Its not an OS issue as far as I can gather.

If you want, I can post a vide of this next time I fully turn off and try turning on - for now I put it to sleep and then wake up.

If you want to try it out at your end, you can remove the RTC battery yourself, wait for 3 to 4 minutes, plug it in again and check if that solves the issue reliably.

In case its a physical issue with the power button, then I’ll replace the power button (or even the keyboard) for you.

I can enclose a picture of the RTC battery location (its under the palm rest) and the procedure if you wish.

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Please send me some pics Abhas! I assume I have to dissassemble the keyboard to get to the battery - this is like a CMOS battery on desktop mobo right?

I’ll be preparing a laptop tonight. Will take step by step pictures and send across to you.

Yes - exactly.