Nitrokey Pro 2 [Group Buy]

Do you wish you had a Nitrokey Pro 2 with you so that you can store your encryption keys on it and use it as a part of your authentication workflow?

This “Nitrokey Pro 2 [Group Buy]” intends to help you get a Nitrokey in your hands - right here in India. The idea is very simple - If we order 50 units of Nitrokey Pro 2, not only do we get a small discount on the price but we can share the shipping and duty costs across all the units.

If you want a Nitrokey, just head over to the LibreTechShop Nitrokey page and place an order. If we can have at least 50 orders before 16th April, 2023, then I’ll place an order for the units and dispatch them to everyone once they arrive.

Please note: The price listed on the website does include custom duties. I have computed the price based on an approximate calculation of the custom duty applicable. The actual price will be updated once the shipment clears customs in Bengaluru.

Please do feel free to post any queries below.

Once you place an order, there is no requirement to pay immediately. You need to, however, pay by 18th April - ie. just before I make a payment to Nitrokey myself. Right now, what’s important is to check how many people might want to purchase a Nitrokey.