Where do the batteries come from?

One problem I have with old laptops is that their battery life tends to be very poor. Even if I buy a “new” battery, it usually ends up being old stock leftover from whenever the laptop was released, which means it only gives half an hour or about the same as the original old battery.

The ThinkPad devices you create your laptops from are pretty old models, so I was wondering: where do you source the batteries from? Are batteries for those devices somehow still being manufactured, or are you able to custom-source them from somewhere?

It’s annoying that every laptop model has its own battery shape, and would be great if you’ve found some way to keep new batteries available many years down the line! Just wondering if that’s still a possibility :thought_balloon:

The batteries I purchase are original Lenovo batteries. I believe that Lenovo is still manufacturing them. They all have the original stickers intact and so, its easy to know these details. Enclosing two images from the battery I have in stock:


Its possible to source multiple units of these batteries. If one gives a bulk order of, say, 20 units, the dealers would source it and we could have them with us in about 2 to 3 weeks. Its financially viable to build a stock of 4 or 5 units. Anything more than that would have more funds stuck in idle inventory.

I have also seen enterprising service people open up these Thinkpad batteries and replaces individual depleted cells from inside the battery to rejuvenate it. I haven’t explored that yet… but I do know that some people do it.

Hope this helps…

Cheers, Abhas.

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Hi Abhas, this is great to hear! Thanks for the information. I’m surprised that Lenovo is still manfacturing batteries for these models, but I’m not going to complain :wink: maybe the number of enthusiasts means there’s still enough demand for these batteries?